What you'll need before

moving into your new apartment

Moving into a new apartment or house after repairs can be very exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. Here are some things you cant live without.


1. Tools box': Just in case, you should have one.


2. Shower curtain (if there is no glass partition installed): This allows you to get creative, and this can add a lot of flavor to your new bathroom.


3. The toilet brush: You do not want a nasty scum construction in bowl causing a stink, isn't it?


4. Towel: through the front door can save space and is easier than putting the screws into the wall.


5. Floor mat: avoid slippery tiles and if you have wooden flooring, water will damage the floor.


6. Dish rack: If you do not have a dishwasher, this is a must have. If this is placed out of the sink, make sure you get one with tray so that excess water will not spill on your countertop.


7. Kitchen towel also useful when you need to clean things up in the kitchen.


8. Kitchen utensils: forks, knives, spoons, wine bottle opener, can opener and cutting board are just some of the things you'll need. Buy basics first and add more with each paycheck.


9. A broom and dustpan: In order to keep the area clean, you will need this to start with, and then other detergents.


10. Garbage bin : Where else are you going to put the trash?


11. Hangers: Unless you plan to fold all your clothes!


12. Lighting: A lamp can do wonders to enhance the mood in the room. Best to have energy saving light bulbs - they can last for a long time...


13. Bedding set : Pillows and bedlinens 

14. Electrical items : Hair dryer, kettle, iron + ironing board - all these will come in handy.


15.  Decorate: tapestry, blanket or rug is a great way to cover the gap. Unique curtains can save money while giving the place a homey feel. Picture frames, although more expensive are much more classy and you can always put up posters or canvas paintings.


15. Basics: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, paper towels, dish soap, garbage bags and all the things that you'll need 


Maybe you can bring along your favourite scented candle or garlic press. Your new house will eventually be a home.

TIPS: If your do not have time to shop or just want to get your apartment ready for tenants, check out our "Bare Necessities Package"! We do have other pre-move in services that you might need!