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Price List


Vanilla Beans

500g : RM900

1 - 5 Kg : RM1,700 per kg

6 - 9 Kg : RM1,500 per kg

10 Kg and above : RM1,300 per kg

* vacuum sealed / each pod 6-8g

Vanilla Paste

Vanilla Powder

Extract Container.jpeg

Vanilla Extract

1 - 2 L : RM600 per liter

3 L - 9 L and : RM550 per liter

10 L and above : RM500 per liter

* non-alcohhol is available

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vanilla_bean powder.jpg

1 - 5 Kg : RM550 per kg

6 - 9 Kg : RM500 per kg

10 Kg and above : RM400 per kg

1 Kg : RM1,500

5 Kg and above : RM1,300 per kg

Vanilla Benefit 

Because vanilla has fewer calories and carbohydrates than sugar, it can be used to reduce your sugar intake.

Using vanilla as a sugar substitute also can reduce high blood glucose levels and help you lead a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Vanilla Ice Cream


Tahitensis vanilla bean pods are from Indonesia, a region prized for producing vanilla that has an incredibly aromatic flavour profile with hints of anise and cherry.

These beautifully plump Vanilla bean pods has a smooth fruity and flowery flavor, ideal for creamy desserts, infusing custards, syrups and cream.


 These beans size ranges from


Country of origin:

Indonesia (Bali, Sulawesi, Flores)

Cheese Cake


Our Vanilla extract is produced

in Melbourne. A blend of Indonesian Tahitensis and Planifolia

vanilla beans.


This extract gives you a well rounded vanilla taste every time. Ideal for everyday baking such as cookies and cupcakes, or any time vanilla is a complimentary flavour.

* Non alcohol is available


Extract of Vanilla Beans [Water, Alcohol (35% by vol.), Vanilla Beans].


Produced in Melbourne, our vanilla paste is high quality, pure and

full of flavour.

Our natural vanilla bean paste is highly aromatic and has a sweet, creamy, and slightly floral profile.


Its richness makes it perfect for home cooks, as only a small amount is needed to infuse baked goods, desserts and ice cream with fragrant dots of vanilla seeds.


Vanilla Bean Extract with Seeds, Water, Alcohol, Pure Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Seeds], Sugar, Inulin; Thickener: Tragacanth gum. Contains 20% alcohol by vol.

Fruit Cake


Our vanilla powder is made from 100% dried vanilla beans.

Unlike other vanilla powders, we do not use leftover re-processed vanilla

beans from paste or extract manufacturing. Instead, we utilise the lower grade vanilla beans from farmers (still good quality aromatic beans), which we then dry and grind into a powder.

No preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens. The Vanilla beans used in this product were cultivated without the use of fertilisers.

Great for baking, beverages, etc

Ice Coffee Drink
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About Us

Trading with common sense

Based in the heart of Bali, Common Sense Trading was established as a way to connect farmers in the region directly to the local and international markets in order to maximise their reach and profit, as well as providing buyers with a connection to the growers and visibility in the supply chain.

We work directly with the same growers each year and in several cases farms we have personally invested in, creating stability and consistency for our customers as well as greater quality and transparency.

For our farmer partners, we encourage value adding by the farmers before sale. Ensuring all farmers remain sustainable and profitable, with a focus on improving quality and productivity.

Constantly pursuing our mission to be Indonesia's most community and people focused organic ingredient, spice and vanilla suppliers.

We are a community of producers and farmers!

We are not aiming to only be exporters or brokers. We are a vertically integrated organisation made up of many small-scale farmers that could never have direct access to buyers willing to pay fair prices for their vanilla or spices.


We want to challenge the traditional supply chain, reorganising commodity trading in a way that encourages progress for the community and quality for the buyers around the world.

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Our History
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